Journal of Preventive Medicine and Hygiene

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Vol. 65 No. 1 (2024)
Published April 15, 2024

The Journal of Preventive Medicine and Hygiene (JPMH) is an international, multidisciplinary, open-access, peer-reviewed journal published on a three-monthly basis and covers the fields of Hygiene, Preventive Medicine and Public Health. The Journal has been publishing original articles, reviews, editorials, letters and proceedings of symposia and conferences since 1960. Systematic reviews of topics relevant to the journal’s aim are highly welcome. Scientific validity, methodological soundness, originality and advances in the field of Hygiene, Preventive Medicine and Public Health are a key acceptance criterion. For further information, please check our Section Policies.

The JPMH is currently abstracted and indexed in PubMed, PubMed Central, Scopus, Web of Science, and Google Scholar. The JPMH currently has no article-processing charges.

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Carrie Miller
Adding COVID to Cancer: Does Cancer Status Influence COVID-19 Infection Preventive Behaviors?
Ilaria Manini, Giovanna Milano, Serena Marchi, Ilaria Vicenti, Camilla Biba, Lia Fiaschi, Claudia Maria Trombetta, Giacomo Lazzeri, Emanuele Montomoli
SARS-CoV-2 and influenza virus coinfections in the Tuscan population during the 2021/2022 influenza season

Health Care Management

Elisa Gabrielli, Irene Schenone, Alessandro Roberto Cornio, Ambrogio Cerri, marcello Di Pumpo, Anastasia Troia, Elena Sciurpa, Sara Fantini, Giovanni Paladini, Giorgio Sessa
Characteristics of the health districts in Italy and their implication in primary health care policies: an analysis of socio‐demographic trends

Occupational Medicine and Hygiene

Seyedeh Negar
Cardiovascular disorders and exposure to chemical pollutants: Cardiovascular Disorders and Chemical Pollutants
Ayeesha Patel, Sagar Jalihal, Anil V. Ankola, Varkey Nadakkavukaran Santhosh , Kavitha R Komala, Jasleen Thakker, David Coutinho , Laxmi Kabra
Dental caries, oral hygiene status and deleterious habits among migrant construction workers of Belagavi, India
Dr. Godpower Chinedu Michael, Dr. Doris Nenli Ehalaiye, Dr. Haliru Ibrahim, Dr. Fatima Ahmad Falaki, Dr. Abdullahi Kabir Suleiman, Dr. Bukar Alhaji Grema, Dr. Yahkub Babatunde Mutalub, Dr. Abubakar Abiso Mohammed, Dr. Emmanuel Ogwuche, Dr. Aminu G. Fikin, Dr. Zainab Abdulazeez Umar, Prof. Ibrahim Aliyu, Prof. Jeremiah Kutak Aboi Madaki
Assessment of workhour feeding practices, healthy behaviour score and body mass index of physicians in Northern Nigeria: a cross-sectional multi-centre study

Non Comunicable Diseases

Amin Nakhostin-Ansari, Nima Naghshtabrizi, Maryam Mohammadzadeh, Soofia Naghdi, Farnaz Delavari , Maedeh Khalifeloo, Payam Vezvaei, Noureddin Nakhostin Ansari
Balance measures of mini and brief balance evaluation system tests for Iranian population

History of Medicine and Ethics

Francesco Maria Galassi, Elena Varotto, Mauro Vaccarezza, Mariano Martini, Veronica Papa
A historical and palaeopathological perspective on cancer.
Omar Simonetti, Lavinia Cosimi, Marco Cigana, Mariano Martini, Stefano Di Bella, Arturo Penco
Balto and Togo during the cold winter of Alaska (1925): the two canine heroes in the fight against diphtheria.
Carola Minet, Lucia Valchi, Mariano Martini, Davide Orsini
The history of polio vaccination with “Sabin’s OPV” 60 years after its introduction in Italy: an unforgivable “delay”
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