Integrating One Health: Exploring the Global Dialogue on Bioethics


One health
Public Health
Animal ethics
Determinants of health
Equality of rights


Unesco's World Bioethics Day, whose theme this year is the protection of future generations, reveals the centrality of the concept of one-health, as the main way to guarantee a future for the planet seen as the common home of all living beings. The recent pandemic has sufficiently shown how animal health is linked to human health and how only the balance of the entire planet guarantees both. Living on earth as human beings, no longer blinded by the Anthropocene’s arrogance, but conscious of having a fundamental responsibility for the health care and well-being of every species is the imperative that should guide scientific research, education and social life. Thus, a renovating of the education system is essential to break down rigid boundaries between disciplines and promote complex and critical thinking.


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