Available influenza vaccines: immunization strategies, history and new tools for the fight against the disease


Influenza vaccines
immunization strategies
quadrivalent influenza vaccine


The main public health strategy for containing influenza-related disease is annual vaccination, which is recommended for the elderly and others belonging to risk-factor categories, that present the highest morbidity and mortality, as reported by the World Health Organization (WHO) Recommendations.

The availability of different influenza vaccine formulations make the choice of the best immunization strategy a challenge for stakeholders and public health experts.

Heterogeneity in at-risk categories included in national influenza vaccine recommendations still exists, in particular among European Countries. A wider consensus is expected, in order to positively impact on influenza vaccination coverage.

The availability of quadrivalent vaccines, containing both influenza B lineages, offers the potential of improved protection, overcoming the drawbacks of wrongly predicting which B lineage will predominate in a given year.



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