The effect of women's sexual functioning on quality of their sexual life


women; sexual function; quality of sexual life


Introduction: Considering the high prevalence of sexual dysfunction among women and the role of quality of sexual life in women's life and health, in addition to the important role of sexual function evaluation in measuring quality of life, this study aimed to determine the effect of female sexual function on the quality of sexual life.

Material and Methods: This research was a descriptive and cross-sectional. The population of this study was 420 women from Qazvin in 2020, who were selected by multi-stage sampling. The data collection tool was a demographic questionnaire and Persian version of the Female Sexual Function Assessment questionnaire (FSFI) and Sexual Quality of Life Questionnaire (SQOL-F). Data were analyzed using SPSS 23, and descriptive statistics and logistic regression were applied.

Results: The mean (SD) of sexual function score (83.4) was 56.21 out of 36, therefore, it was at an unfavorable level. Also, the mean (SD) score of sexual quality of life (21.19) was 71.59 out of 108 (moderate). The results of logistic regression test showed that the variables of sexual function, age and level of education of women were the factors affecting the quality of women's sexual life (p <0.05).

Conclusions: Young women with lower sexual function, and lower level of education had lower quality of sexual life. Hence, it is necessary to pay more attention to these women in designing educational programs for improving the quality of their sexual life.


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