Establishment of Brucellosis Relapse and Complications Registry: A Study Protocol


Brucellosis, Relapse; Complication; Registry; Developing countries


Brucellosis is an endemic bacterial zoonotic disease in developing countries; that is a serious public health problem in Iran. Brucellosis is a life-threatening multi-system disease in human with different clinical manifestations, complications and relapse. The incidence of brucellosis in Hamadan province, west of Iran is high. In addition, there is few reliable and population-based studies regarding relapse and complications of brucellosis in developing countries, therefore establishment of the registry system in areas with adequate occurrence of cases is needed to better understand the predictors of brucellosis relapse and complications and management of the disease. Detecting occurrence of relapse and complications over time and by geographical area provide information for further investigations and identification of health system deficiencies in the management of patients.


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