neurobehavioral effects
lead exposed workers blood lead level
low lead exposure


Introduction: Since it is still controversial whether-low-to moderate long-term lead below current threshold values causes neurobehavioural deficits in adults.

Methods: Fourty lead-exposed workers subjects with a mean blood lead (PbB) level of 56.4 µg/100ml and 40 non-lead-exposed aged matched subjects (PbB:15.4  µg/100ml) with the same socio-economic background were investigated.

Participants were administered a neuropsychological tests consisting of BAMT (Branches Alternate Movements Task), FT (Finger Tapping Speed), DS (Digit Span) POMS (Profile of Mood States).

Results: The authors noted significant relationship between the exposed and the referent groups in tests mainly involving executive functions, short time memory and psycoemotional variables In addition Poisson regression test performed on single psycho-emotional factors (POMS), has allowed Pb e ZPP levels to evidence the significative influence on la Tension, Anxiety and depression.

Conclusions: The present study showed that lead exposure among adults at levels previously considered safe, results in impairment of certain cognitive abilities.


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