Experience of vaccination against invasive bacterial diseases in Veneto Region (North east Italy)


The goal of this study was to describe and comment the experience of the Veneto Region in the bacterial invasive disease. Vaccina- tion coverage was 93% against pneumococcus and 95% against haemophilus influenzae type B. Regard to meningococcus C the coverage rate was 90.1% In children, 81% at 6 years of age and 78.2% at 15 years . The preliminary data of an active surveillance of invasive bacterial diseases show that the Streptoccoccus pneumoniae was the main agent involved and that its consequences were particularly serious in elderly subjects. With regard to Neisseria meningitidis, we observed a substantial reduction in the number of cases due to serogroup C and a concomitant rise in the percentage of cases due to serogroup B. The suspension of mandatory vaccination should be maintained , the monitoring of vaccination coverage and the active surveillance proved to be a very good assessment tools. The full article is free available on www.jpmh.org