Utility of virosomal adjuvated influenza vaccines: a review of the literature


In spite of the efforts of the World Health Organization (WHO), influenza continues to be a major public health problem, both because of its impact on the health of subjects at risk, such as the elderly, and because of the economic burden that it places on society. Adjuvants are agents which, when incorporated into vaccines, enhance the immunogenicity of their antigens. The need for ever more immunogenic and efficacious influenza vaccines has led to the development of innovative vaccines. One of these, the viro- somal vaccine, has been on the market since 1997. The results obtained through controlled clinical studies and wide- spread application in the field suggest that the virosomal vaccine is not only an important tool for the prevention of seasonal influ- enza but also a valid means of potentiating the effect of a pan- demic influenza vaccine and, perhaps, of preparing multivalent or combined vaccines.