Identifying Ferrara’s elderly people with low influenza immunization rates: the contribution of a local socio-economic deprivation index.


deprivation index


Influenza immunization coverage rates remains far below the optimal value recommended by World Health Organization, even in groups considered  more at risk, as elderly. A possible explanation of lacking compliance to vaccine uptake can rely on deprivation. A local deprivation index, specifically developed, was proposed for the classification of the residents in Ferrara’s municipality in order to evaluate the characteristics of over 65 people accepting/refusing the influenza immunization (2010-2015). The variables involved in the Ferrara’s deprivation index were primarily related to demographic aspects like age, being widow/widower, education, composition of the family and characteristics of the house. In groups with higher deprivation, elderly were more frequent (53.4% in very deprived). Influenza immunization coverage rates were unsatisfactory in all categories of deprivation. A decreasing trend in coverage rates with decreasing deprivation was observed with statistical significance, in general population and in males but not in females. In addition to factors composing the local deprivation index, being separated, living in a family of three members and working as independent contractor were features preventing from the immunization in very deprived elderly.


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