Antimicrobial efficacy and longevity of Silver+zeolite incorporating preinsulated ducts installed in real healthcare settings


Objective. The values of microbial growth in the air exiting from the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) ducts treated with silver/zeolite have been shown to be lower than those in the air coming out the traditional metal ones.This study aims to verify how long this antimicrobial activity lasts. Methods. All the tests were performed according to US ASTM E2180-01 and ISO-JIZ 22196 standards. Samples of aluminum cladding panels of different thickness and incorporating silver- zeolite were tested in order to verify their thickness depending antibacterial activity. The same kind of linings samples were analyzed after a simulated and accelerated ageing process. Ag- zeolite incorporating HVAC duct panels linings were tested after years from their installation, in order to verify the maintenance of their bactericidal power during time. Results and conclusions. For laminates containing different amounts of silver+Zeolite it was shown that also in panels with minimum thickness tested, the lowest germicidal effect (GE) found was still very good (GE of 5,76 ULog10). After their wearing and tearing the antimicrobial activity tended to increase passing from 7.2081 to 8.29922 LogUnits in panels 80microns thick. For still hos- pital working aluminium foils incorporatig Silver/Zeolite on panels installed through 2006 and 2008, the antimicrobial action of zeolite was still firmly present even after two years and three years.The germicidal effect standards were maintained even during time on constant values between 7.477 and 7.086 LogUnits. The persistence of bactericidal efficacy of Ag+zeolite treatment in all the materials used for the construction of HVAC ductworks can be confirmed.