Cardiovascular disorders and exposure to chemical pollutants


cardiovascular disoeders
occupational disease
risk factors
chemical hazards


Introduction: Exposure with some chemical can cause cardiovascular disorders. Occupational exposures with chemicals are modifiable risk factors for cardiovascular diseases.

Objective of this study was the frequency of cardiovascular disorders in the chemical exposure.

Materials and Methods: Study was a cross-sectional method and was done on workers of related industries. The study was done with a physical examination and checklist by getting health and illness history and clinical tests about the risk factors and cardiovascular disorders. According to exposures the population of the study was divided into 3 groups. Data were analyzed with SPSS 16, by considering P<0.05 as significant.

Results: The frequency of unstable angina and stable angina were the most in group 1. The relative risk for unstable angina was 1.55(1.46-1.61) in group 1 and for stable angina was 1.54(1.47-1.62) in this group. The risk of thrombophlebitis was 8.48 (7.07-10.17) in group 2.

Conclusion: Workers in industry with chemical pollutants had cardiovascular disorders. The occupational exposures, especially chemical agents are effective on cardiovascular system.



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