A study on the sexual and contraception behaviours of the pre-university students in Puglia (South-Italy)


Introduction. The aim of the present study is to determine attitude and associated factors towards the use of methods of protection/contraception. Methods. In August 2008, a study was carried out using a self-administered standardised anonymous questionnaire. It was administered to school-leavers who were attending a study course at Bari University. Results. The total number of questionnaires returned was 1091, the average age of the interviewed subjects was 19.6. Those declaring to have had sexual intercourse at least once was 88%. Of those sexually active, the average age at first intercourse was 16.8, and 75.2% stated that they had used some form of contraception on this occasion. The condom was the most popular method employed, followed by withdrawal and by contraceptive pills. Around 20% of the interviewees indicated that they used emergency post-coital contraception. Discussion. The study results emphasise the importance of an effective teaching of the aspects of sex and relationship education before puberty.