Nurses’ knowledge, attitude, and practice regarding osteoporosis prevention and its correlation with their nutritional behaviors


Awareness, Belief, Eating habits, Nutritional behaviors, Osteoporosis, Preventive measures


Background. Nurses have good opportunities to communicate with osteoporotic patients and the public as well as convey osteoporosis prevention education to them. Therefore, nurses require specific knowledge, attitude, practice (KAP), and desirable nutritional behaviors for osteoporosis prevention and treatment strategies. Little is known about the KAP for osteoporosis prevention and nutritional behaviors among nurses in Iran.

Purpose. The present study was conducted to evaluate nurses’ KAP and nutritional behaviors for osteoporosis prevention, and the correlation between KAP and nutritional behaviors.

Methods. This cross-sectional study included 195 nurses working in three hospitals in southeastern Iran. Nurses were selected using a stratified random sampling method between April and June 2020. The data collection tools included questionnaires of KAP  and nutritional behaviors to prevent osteoporosis.

Findings. According to the findings, nurses’ knowledge regarding osteoporosis prevention was high level (20.23 ± 3.79), and their attitude (72.71 ± 6.97), practice (48.25 ± 6.38), and nutritional behavior scores (110.12 ± 13.68) were desirable. In addition, nurses’ KAP regarding osteoporosis prevention was correlated with their nutritional behaviors (P = 0.001).

Conclusions. Given the high levels of knowledge, desirable practices, and Iranian nurses regarding the prevention of osteoporosis, they can play a significant role in changing KAP and the nutritional behaviors of people to prevent this disease. To this end, educational and support programs should be implemented in clinical and community settings to develop a healthy lifestyle in the community.


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