Self-management of patients with chronic diseases during COVID 1: a narrative review


chronic diseases


Introduction: The present study COVID-19 is a review to investigate the chronic patient self-management challenges during the corona epidemic, and providing solutions to solve this problem.

Methods:  in this review in 2020, the relevant literature on chronic patient self-management is investigated during the corona epidemic (from March 2019 to Jan 2021). Databases including Google Scholar, PubMed, Science Direct, Springer were used to search articles from the Latin articles. Also, keywords in this study included self-management, chronic disease, COVID19. Finally, 26 relevant articles were used in this study.

Results:  the articles used in this study have been classified into three groups including self-management importance in chronic diseases (8 articles), self-management challenges during the corona epidemics (10 articles), and the role of the health team in patients' self-management during the corona epidemics (8 articles).

Conclusion: the main challenges for chronic patients during the corona epidemic include decreased healthcare service and regular follow-ups because of physical restrictions; economic problems, change in lifestyle, and lack of rapid compliance with the changes. In this regard, the health team should provide the best healthcare services using the available resources to reduce suffer and pain of the patients.


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