Association between ABO and RH blood groups and Hepatitis b virus infection among young Nigerian adults


Hepatitis b virus
blood groups
Rh antigen


Background: Several diseases are reported to be associated with ABO/Rh blood groups. Data on the association between ABO and Rh D blood group antigens in the Nigerian population is sparse. This study aimed at determining the prevalence of HBV infection as well as its association with ABO and Rh D antigens among young Nigerian adults.

Methods: Whole blood was collected from 496 students and screened for the presence of HBsAg using immuno-chromatographic technique. The ABO as well as Rh D antigen status of participants was also determined using standard techniques. .

Results: The prevalence of HBV infection was 2.10%. Over half (51.5%) of subjects were of the blood group O type, while 3.6% were of the AB blood type which was the least in occurrence. Rh D negative blood group was observed among 24 (4.8%) subjects. Those with the B blood type were observed to have an insignificantly (P = 0.3105) higher prevalence of HBV infection. However, with respect to Rh D antigen alone, participants negative for the antigen were observed to have a five times higher risk of acquiring HBV infection than those positive for it (OR = 5.273, 95% CI = 1.056, 26.321, P = 0.079). Combining the ABO and Rh blood group systems, an association (OR = 20.174; P = 0.059) was found to exist between B Rh D negative status and HBV infection.

Conclusion:  A combination of the presence of B antigen and absence of Rh D antigen increases the risk of acquiring HBV infection.


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