Drive-through vaccinations prove successful in immunizing mountain communities against tick-borne encephalitis during the Covid-19 pandemic


TBE vaccine


In March 2020 the covid-19 pandemic led to the abruption of most of the routine outpatient activities in the Italian hospitals and Prevention Departments, including those vaccinations which were not urgent and/or scheduled for the age 0-6. As soon as a milder phase of the pandemic made it possible, since June 2020, in the mountain territory of the province of Belluno (Veneto, North-East of Italy), in the Alps, 12.152 doses of vaccine against tick-borne encephalitis have been administered by means of the innovative “drive-through” modality. No significant adverse events occurred and the demand by the population has kept growing since the previous year, proving the “drive-through” to be safe, efficient and successful.


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