Development of indicators to measure quality of life for pregnant women (QOL-PW)


indicators, quality of life, pregnant women


Introduction. Ideal health assessment includes physical, mental, and social health measures that measure a person’s quality of life. This study aims to develop indicators to measure the quality of life of pregnant women.

Methods. The design of this study was development research with a cross‐sectional data collection. The study sites were in six PHC in Ngawi district and Blitar city, East Java Province, Indonesia. The sample size is 800 pregnant women. Data analysis used the second‐order Convincatory Factor Analysis (CFA) method.

Results. The indicators to measure the quality of life of preg‐ nant women were all 46, consist of 21 indicators for functional and physical health factors, 6 indicators for mental health and functional factors, and 19 indicators for the social functional and environmental factors. Health factors and physical functions con‐ sist of 21 indicators, which are divided into seven aspects. Health factors and mental functions consist of 6 indicators divided into three aspects. The social and environmental function factor con‐ sists of 19 indicators divided into six aspects.

Conclusions. The indicators of quality of life for pregnant women that are developed can represent most of the conditions of preg‐ nant women, and if they have been validated, they are expected to be applied easily. Indicators of quality of life for pregnant women have provided a sufficient but straight forward way of calculating and cutting off points to categorize the quality of life status of pregnant women.


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