The level of fibroblast growth factor-2 prepared from Advanced Platelet Rich Fibrin (A-PRF) in obese Saudi subjects compared to healthy subjects


Fibroblast growth factor, obesity, periodontitis, platelet rich fibrin.


Background: The prevalence of obesity has increased substantially in the last few decades. World Health Organization estimated that around 600 million obese adults worldwide were obese and a further increase is expected in the future due to increased consumption of high-calorie diets and a sedentary lifestyle. Aim: To evaluate and compare the level of fibroblast growth factor platelet rich fibrin (A-PRF) in obese subject compare to healthy weight subject. Methods: Blood samples were collected from 23 volunteers, 15 obese subject (test group) and 8 non-obese (control group) at Riyadh Elm University. The medical, dental histories, an interview and clinical examination was performed to check the eligibility of the participants to be involved in this study, Blood sample was collected in 10 ml syringe, then being processed using A-PRF centrifugation protocols. Ten milliliters of whole blood without anticoagulant was centrifuged at 1300 rpm for 14 minutes. Results: The level of FGF-2 released from (A-PRF) concentration was significantly lower on obese which was measured on 4 different times (Day1, Day 7, Day 14 and Day 28), compared to healthy. Conclusion: There was decrease in FGF- 2 level released from (A-PRF) from obese compared to healthy.

Key words: Fibroblast growth factor, obesity, periodontitis, platelet rich fibrin.


Dr. Shivakumar.G C
Dr. Sahana S