Smoking and alcoholism among adult population and its association with outlet density in a hilly area of North India.


Background: The rising burden of non-communicable diseases is a threat to India. The behavioural risk factors having largest contribution to NCDs. Neighbourhood retailing of tobacco products, and alcohol are important risk factors. The objectives of the present study was to determine the prevalence of smoking and alcoholism among adult of Srikot, Uttarakhand, and to determine its relationship with tobacco, and alcohol retail outlet density.

Materials and Methods: The study design was a community based cross sectional study, which was done in Srikot, Uttarakhand among adults aged above 20 years, selected by systematic sampling. A semi-structured questionnaire was used. The outlet density was measured mapped using android application.

Results: A total of 155 were enrolled in the study of which 61.3% were females. A total of 11.6% of the study participants were smokers. On multivariate analysis male gender, and alcohol use was significantly associated with increased risk of smoking (p<0.05). A total of 16.8% of the study participants were alcohol user. On multivariate analysis it was found male gender, and smoking was significantly associated with increased risk of alcohol use (p<0.05).         On mapping the study area, it was found that total tobacco selling outlets were 40. There was no alcohol-selling outlet in the study area.

Conclusion: The community is in an early stage of urbanization as evident from the burden of smoking, and alcohol use.  This burden of smoking might be worsened by outlet density of tobacco seller.


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