Impact of training conferences on high-school students’ knowledge of sexually transmitted infections (STIs)


Adolescent health
Sexual health
sexually transmitted infections
intervention strategy


This study, part of the health promotion program of a high school in Milan (Italy), was aimed at evaluating the impact of training conferences on the awareness of STIs among adolescents aged 16-17.

Students attending the 3rd class of a Scientific and Linguistic High School in Milan (Italy) participated in this study in November 2017.

All students gave their anonymous answers on a voluntary basis in a pre-test survey, designed by psychologists and infectious diseases specialists, to test their basic knowledge, accuracy, and awareness of STIs. After a two-hour interactive conference, the students were asked to answer the post-test survey. A higher awareness of the spread and the mode of transmission of STIs, of high risk sexual and behavioural practices and prevention methods was observed in the post-test compared to the pre-test.

These findings outline both the need for sexual-health communication campaigns targeted at adolescents, who are at great risk of exposure and mostly unaware of STIs other than HIV/AIDS, and the short-term efficacy of a direct approach to the problem, guided by experts in infectious diseases and psychology. A long-term assessment of the effects of training conferences needs to be evaluated.



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